Kingdom Builders

Dates you need to know:

Tuesday March 26th - Kingdom Builders Open Night

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We have been humbled by what God has done in and through Curate thus far, and it makes us even more full of faith and excitement about what He will do in the future.

Jesus has saved us and given us an abundant and eternal life. He has left us with a mission to reach our neighbours, streets, communities, cities, nation and world with His love. It’s His mission and it’s for His glory.

To serve as the Lead Pastors of Curate is one of the greatest privileges of our lives and every day is a reminder that great churches are not built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the sacrifice of many. We are always humbled that people would pray, serve and give to see God’s church thrive and be all it can be and we know that a great eternal reward awaits us in the future.

Thank you for considering to be a Curate Kingdom Builder in 2019.

Much love and blessings,
Joel and Katie

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global movement and voice
releasing people’s potential in Jesus
by creating communities where people can
belong, believe, become and build.

Our 2021 goals:

  • 5 Locations

  • Global influence with our message and music

  • 5000 people calling Curate home

Key Projects:

  • Beyond Us - Helping those in need locally and globally.

  • Curate College - Train the next generation of Pastors and Leaders.

  • Location Number Four - Making Curate Church within reach of more people.

  • Purchase Mount Maunganui Facility debt free - Positioned for future opportunities (Settles in March 2019).

  • Strengthen Church life - Grow current locations, invest in health, reach the next generation.

Vision Offering

Vision Offering is for everyone who calls Curate home. It’s our annual opportunity to give together towards the vision of Curate. Vision Offering funds are used for the building of the church, individuals, families and communities both locally and globally.

Vision Offering allows Curate to take major steps in the fulfilment of our vision.

Vision Offering 2019 / September 8th - 22nd

Making an annual commitment towards the Vision Offering in the form of a financial pledge is what it means to be a Curate Kingdom Builder.

Kingdom Builders 2019 Commitment Form >>


Here is the recording from the 2018 Open Night. Watch it here and learn more about what its all about.