This July, we are partnering with Stoney Creek to clothe 2,500 children in our local communities. Ranging from tots to teens, every child will receive a brand new, new season, high quality clothing pack which includes a fleece hat, tee and pants!

Poverty is in our back yard and we can do something about it. Not only does this meet a very practical need, but it speaks of the value of every child. “We believe in you” is the slogan that every box is branded with, and is on the label in every piece of clothing. Our hope is that the kids in our community are warmer this winter, and walk a little taller, having gained a stronger belief in themselves.

UPDATE: We have now received full sponsorship for all 2,500 clothing packs - woohoo!! The generosity of Curate and the wider Bay of Plenty community has been incredible, thank you! We are unable to purchase more clothing packs (due to production process and timing), but we are so stoked to be able to give these 2,500 amazing, toasty warm Stoney Creek clothing packs to children in need around the Bay this winter.