Once a year we gather as Curate to give generously above and beyond in our Vision Offering. Our collective vision is all about people. Jesus gave His life to make room for as many people as possible, desiring none should perish, but that all would find eternal life. Our mandate is to make room for as many people as possible to find Jesus. 

We say it like this: 

Curate's vision is to be a global movement and voice, releasing people’s potential in Jesus, by creating communities where people can belong, believe, become and build. 

Every leader raised up, every chair put out, and every room prepared makes room for one more. Every small group started, every community initiative and every meal made makes room for one more. Every prayer of faith, every location launched, and every moment of service makes room for one more. 

God said He will build His church, but He asked us to make disciples. We are in a partnership with Him, trusting in His grace, being filled with His Spirit and allowing His love to flow through us. We bring our whole selves to His mission. We lay all He has entrusted us at His feet to see room made for as many "one mores" as possible. 

God is on the move through us, Curate. Every week people are meeting Jesus, finding home and being raised up. We are bursting at the seams in every location and there is much to be done. 

Our generosity releases further harvest. It is an act of faith, a sacrifice and a seed. Vision Offering allows us to not just walk into the future, but leap into it. Everything that Curate is today was sown forward in generosity by someone. We get the opportunity in Vision Offering this year to sow forward again so that there will always be room for one more. 

We ask you to seek God and ask Him what part He is asking you to play. We believe when we give as an act of faith, God sees that and responds. Vision Offering is not about equal giving, but about sacrificing together and bringing something to the whole. 

If you are married or have a family, take time to pray and hear from God together. Don’t underestimate the power of what your generosity can see released. Prepare your gift, fill out an envelope, and bring it on Offering Sunday, September 8th. If you can’t be there on the 8th there will also be opportunities to give on the 15th and 22nd. 

Much love, Joel & Katie 

Vision Offering 2019 will make room for one more, and help us to continue to step into our vision by resourcing the following:


The next wave of Leaders and Pastors 

Our goal is to establish a world-class training environment within Curate for the raising up of pastors and leaders, and the equipping of believers. 

For God’s vision for Curate and the Kingdom of God to be fulfilled, it requires the raising up and equipping of followers of Jesus to fulfil His mission. This will have multiple expressions; equipping the believers through opportunities for anyone to be further trained in ministry gifts and leadership through classes. 

It is about creating short term ministry opportunities for people so that they can discover if there is a calling on their life to full-time vocational ministry, or commit a season of their life to this. It also includes more intense and prolonged training environments to raise up pastors, church planters and leaders. We want to invest heavily in this area as it is a central key for being able to achieve all God is asking us to do. Through your generosity this year, you can be a part of planting a seed for the foundation of seeing thousands of people equipped and released for ministry in the years to come. 


Making a difference locally and globally to those that need it most. 

Locally, it is feeding the hungry, clothing the cold and supporting community initiatives. Globally, it is mission trips, partnerships, church planting, and supporting missionaries and ministers. lt is all about making a difference beyond Curate. We have big plans to continue making an impact locally and globally. For example, we have recently launched ‘Help Me Help Them’. This online platform has the potential to see millions of people around the world helped every year by people in their neighbourhood. Through this offering we want to continue to invest in the development of ‘Help Me Help Them’ as well as all of our other local and global Beyond Us initiatives. Through your generosity you can help make this possible. 


Here we go 

Our country needs more life-giving churches, and that’s why we are launching one in the heart of Auckland. 

The people are gathering, the doors opening and the opportunities are waiting. The team is expanding every month, we have secured a place to meet, and we are meeting regularly as we prepare to Launch in 2020. 

When we plant a new location, new leaders are released, new opportunities are created and new people are reached. Launching in Auckland is expensive, but it's worth it. It's New Zealand’s largest city and many of its suburbs are some of New Zealand’s least-reached areas. We have taken on the lease of an amazing building in the heart of Kingsland. This building will be Curate Auckland's home and will be able to fit more than 500 people per gathering. We are planning on reaching hundreds of people in our first year alone. Through your generosity, we will be able to fit out the building, train new leaders, hire staff, purchase equipment and underwrite the first year’s budget. All of this will make Curate Auckland possible. 


A growing church always has growing pains and needs future- focused investment to strengthen it. Like any growing organisation or business, the church requires planning for the future. This is true of every location. A big part of how we have been able to continue to move forward is that people have been exceedingly generous. This means that we have been able to prepare well for what’s ahead; ensuring we can hire the right staff at the right times in pivotal roles, making sure our staff are taken care of and being able to invest in the right ministry opportunities before us. Many of our core ministry areas such as Kids, Youth, Pastoral Care, Beyond Us and Small Groups need continued and significant investment to allow us to continue to reach people. Many of the background and support areas, such as health and safety, technology and finance, continue to grow in their complexity and also require our constant investment. We want to be an excellent church in every way, where no one stands alone, everyone is cared for, and the next generation is reached. Your generosity this year will help make this possible. 


Families need homes, and our Curate Family is no different. In March we were able to purchase the Mount facility because of the generosity in last year's offering. 

We have felt God speak to us and stretch our faith to believe we could own the Mount facility debt-free. This year we want to continue to reduce our debt on both our Mount and Tauranga facilities and take significant steps towards that goal. We feel this is both an amazing opportunity to create equity to optimise future opportunities and to leave a legacy for the church and future generations. This isn’t about Curate being debt-free, but about Curate having enough equity to harness opportunities over the next few years that we wouldn’t be able to secure if we have significant debt. 

Over the next couple of years, we plan on building a new home for Curate Whakatane, continue to develop more space for kids, intermediates, youth, parking and community in the Mount and find a long term home for Curate Tauranga. It’s not about buildings - it’s about people. 

It’s not about buildings - it's about people. Buildings facilitate community; they are a great tool for gathering people, providing experiences, creating memories, moments and encounters. Through your generosity this year and next you can help make this possible. 

Ways to give:

Online - 12-3194-0001135-00
Pushpay - Here
In Person - at any of our gatherings