On Sunday Feb 19th we announced we are changing our name. 

We have wanted to change our name for years but felt this was the right time. Right through scripture God gives new names. We know in the big picture we all have the name of Jesus over our lives, but we also know that names matter. We wanted a name that captures who we are, where we are going, what we are about and a name that was unique to us. We wanted a name that guides us and gives us something to aim for and stretch to. 

Our new name is Curate Church. Curate means: 

  • To care for the soul 
  • To create environments where stories are told
  • To be entrusted with something priceless. 

We are so excited about what we are going to see God do in and through this change and know God is only getting started with Curate Church. 

We would love for you to catch up on the full announcement below:


If you have any questions feel free to talk to a Pastor or leader, but also here are a bunch of FAQs

What else is changing?
Nothing. Well stuff is always changing, but this isn’t some smoke and mirrors for any greater changes. As a community we are always open to hearing from God and willing to make changes if we sense this is what God is wanting to do. Our Vision of being a global movement and voice releasing humanity's potential in Jesus remains the same. 
What’s wrong with the old name?
There is nothing wrong with the name. It was the name we inherited 10 years ago and has served us well. It describes where we have been, who we have been and what we were a part of.  We always knew a name change was imminent and this was discussed, Over the past 5 years since the church was re-birthed under Joel and Katie's leadership, a new name has constantly been explored but we never felt the timing was right. At the end of last year, we felt 2017 was the time to change.  We believe that to move forward with the vision of this church, a change is necessary to distinguish ourselves as our own movement. If you need further clarification around this, we recommend you click on this link and listen to the Vision Sunday message.

Who decided the name & to change it?
This process has been very extensive, and it involved our leadership team and board. We’ve sensed as a team the timing is right to change the name. This has also been confirmed from some of the significant people who give spiritual direction to the church externally. 

What’s the meaning of Curate?
Its spiritual heritage as a noun means to care for the soul. Its artistic heritage as a verb describes someone who creates environments where stories are told and one who is entrusted with something priceless. These are three pretty incredible meanings and as far as we know, we will be the only Church in the world that has this name. 

Are leaders or the board changing?

No, the leaders and board will remain the same, if any changes do occur during the year it is not related to this.

Are our values staying the same?
Yes the values we carry are the same, we are always refining the language of course.  The catch cry we keep throwing around is 'same same but different.' 

Are all locations having the same name & will the gathering times be the same?
Yes, we are a united team so any future locations will also have the name and be driven by our values. At this stage there are no changes to gathering times.

What will our music be called?

Our Music will now be released under the name Curate Music.