Paul is British. 

If you know anything about the Brits… they love drinking tea and Paul is no exception.

He loves tea so much that he will recreate your level of expertise around what it means to drink tea and make it look more desirable than it seems to taste. (Which isn’t hard / sums tea up to a tea….. )

It seems as if Paul is always prepared in every situation and has a snap-lock bag full of Yorkshire tea in the back pocket of his jeans.

Paul is the genius behind the 7th chords, the knowledge behind the history of most instruments and basically our very own Encarta 95. He seems to be able to find a great Malaysian restaurant in every city we find ourselves in. 

We can’t wait for you to meet him!

Meet Paul 


What is your role in Curate Music ? 

I play keys / drink tea / find the best restaurants to eat in / bring some pommie flavour


What was your favourite moment in the album? Favourite song & Why?

The final track, Your grace to get me through. After a full on week recording awesome tracks this was the wild card song to record at the end and being able to pull out something magic, write parts together in the studio and produce something really unique in the last 2 hours in the studio like that was pretty special. I also got to play cymbals on that track which was fun!  Hmmm.. my favourite song is probably the final track just purely for the memories it evokes.


What did you eat for breakfast? Do you eat that everyday? 

Today was crepes. If I ate crepes every day though I would look like I did 10 years ago in my student days (a little chunkier and rounder). 


How long have you been playing music for? and what do you play? 

I started piano by accident when I was 10. I had an amazing Jazz piano teacher who inspired me heaps early on and I never really learnt how to read music but learnt Jazz and improv stuff. Then as a teenager I got into drums and guitar heaps and only really went back into playing piano in my twenties. 


Who are you listening to at the moment? 

Well I had been playing Mariah Carey / Michael Buble and Relient K on rotation over Christmas. But generally I am enjoying listening to the latest Killers album still and also summer is a great time to listen Kings of Leon so enjoying some of that too. 


Why do you think the music that Curate is writing resonates so deeply with the people who come into contact with our music ?

We are quite an eclectic bunch of people with varied tastes and we are certainly not stuck in a bubble of producing something predictable. I think all of us have varied music tastes but also we all have very different stories of faith and that comes across in our music. I think the idea of writing a 'good christian song' has never been the overall goal but we want to translate a little bit of our stories and the story of Curate Church, the love of God and explain who he is through music. I think / hope that's what comes across in our music. I know when we come to the next album we would hate to do something like this album as there is always a new song to be written that can resonate with society at the time and I think thats the thing that Curate Music wants to achieve.