Meet Linden! The most dedicated and loyal human being, the most wonderful storyteller, brilliant dad and dinosaur enthusiast! 

He is constantly referred to as a Johnny Depp look alike and inspires us to chase after our dreams and passions every time we hear him speak. He lives his life in movie quotes and every great idea seems to become a new tattoo. 

We love everything about Linden and we can’t wait for you to meet him! 


Why do you write music?

I write because I have an itch to always be creating something new and somehow I never write or play the same thing twice. The music that I write is an extension of that process.  It’s the sound of my past, my present and where I see my life going in the future.  A life of musical colour. 


What is your creative process? How do you create ideas which then form into songs?

I listen to a lot of movies in my headphones, and when I write I often grab my inspiration from that. What I’ve noticed is every movie has a certain motif that continues throughout the film regardless of how the film progresses. So  I wanted to create that same feeling within every song on the record, so I used the same structure for almost every track within my bass lines and acoustic guitar parts. I wanted the music to tell us a story and have its own ebbs and flows, but to be constantly reminding the listener regardless of song that there still on the same road.


What is your favourite song on the album?

My favourite song at the moment is "Carry Me Along”. 


What instruments do you play? and what did you play on the album?

On the album I played bass guitar and acoustic, I used to play banjo for a laugh and I have played drums… BUT Josh has forbidden me out of fear I will surpass him.


What was your favourite moment in the recording process or funniest moment ?

Funniest was when we were out for dinner and I ripped my pants from one cheek to the other.


If you could be any animal who would you be and why

Animal : a bat or a bear, bats because I’m batman

Bears because they have a great survival instinct, but I couldn't pick just one because I love all animals… I have a kinship with them….I understand them 

Also i’m a dinosaur guy anyway!  


What inspires you?

I get inspired by so many things. I try to position myself in places that inspire me. It really is a wonderful thing to intentionally position ourselves in places that challenge and inspire our creativity.