Kelly Hayward is our very own Wonder Woman.  

She makes being a wife, a mum, songwriter, musician and worship pastor look easy. It’s no small feat what Kelly is constantly juggling, but the ease and grace that she walks with inspires everyone she meets! 

We love our wonder woman and we cant wait for you to meet her! 


What role do you play in Curate Music?

I have been part of Curate Music since the beginning, songwriting and playing keys.  


How do you juggle being a mum, a wife, pastoring our worship community & writing an album?

It has it's challenges for sure - It really is a juggle, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love every part of what I do and get to be a part of - I just have to make sure I'm organised and I write lots of lists! The focus does change depending on what season I'm in. 

Si broke his leg a week before we went into the studio to record 'These Eyes', and this meant I had to put more energy into my family over this time to keep everything ticking. But I realise that life, particularly the stage I'm in at the moment with young children, is very seasonal, so I try to focus and be present in the season I'm in as much as possible, and realise that the other things will fall back into place in their right time.


What is the why behind why you write music? Why do you do what you do ?

I've always been passionate about writing something that means something to our community - I tire very quickly of Church music that all sounds the same and uses the same lyrics that I've heard a million times before - sometimes I find I can be singing something and then realise that I either don't know what it means, or it doesn't represent how I would want to say something to God, so that has been a big reason for why I write.  


One of the many things Curate Church is known for is its Creative and Worship Community. How has this happened and how have you and Si fostered this?

We have been incredibly privileged to have a really creative, talented and passionate group of musicians right from the get go - we have often pinched ourselves, wondering how so many amazing people have all come together and stayed together for such a long period of time.  We do feel like God has had his hand on this from the beginning - we couldn't have pulled all these people together on our own - we definitely have felt his hand shaping it all the way along.  We really value freedom and diversity, and so have worked hard to ensure that people are able to bring their creativity and giftings to the table, without trying to put them into a box of what Worship Music should sound like.  


What is your favourite food?

Mushrooms cooked in garlic and butter.  Amazing. 


When someone listens to your music, what is your hope for them? What would you like them to feel, hear, understand or experience?

I would hope that they experience something that feels real to them - that they would feel God's presence as they listen and that he would somehow speak to them through it. If that happened, that would make it all worth it.