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This is Ants, one of our writers, pals and lover of all things American! 

Q: What is Sweet Comforter all About? 

A: It’s a dialogue with God. An honest enquiry from someone who’s aware they’ve done wrong. And of course the response of the father, that his love isn’t conditional on our performance, and that he’s with us through the heartbreak of our failures.


Q: How do you get inspiration to write music? what inspires you? or who?

A: I try and write as often as I can, more often that not with zero inspiration… but I find once I get into the flow of things, I may not have any idea what I’m even writing about, but somewhere down the line it becomes clear to me. Sometimes the inspiration strikes after 2 hours of slogging on what I’m convinced is a bad song. That was kind of how sweet comforter came about to some degree.. we didn’t know we had something until the very end. 


Q: Why do you write music? Why do you do what you do?

A: I write music for a small handful of reasons. The most important and enduring reason is I feel it’s my contribution to the kingdom of God.. and to my community, I feel a duty to do it. But it’s more than that for me, it’s cathartic like nothing else in my life. I use it to unravel what ever I’m thinking under the surface, to articulate my thoughts and feelings on things, to talk about things I think are important.


Q: How do you imagine Curate Music will influence the world in which it its reaching ?

A: Hopefully with something real. Sometimes I feel we over estimate the power music has.. sometimes I think we underestimate it. I feel as long as we continue to write something real and pure, people will be able to connect to Jesus through it. Let it remain a vessel for that… and if it reaches few or many it will be a good thing.


Q: Do you have a favourite moment in the album? If so… what is it ?

A:  One moment I enjoyed was Christ Divine. I’m so proud of that song from start to finish. I came into the songwriting process on it’s second session, and I felt like we were telling the story of John 1 in a really unique way.. That whole concept of Christ before the world began, the Philippians 2 picture of him leaving divinity and becoming man.. Christ before the world, Christ here and now, Christ the future.. it’s all there in that lyric, in a way that really brought that concept home for me. I always found the arrangement kind of messy, but once we hit that feel with the drums and made the other elements a little more aggressive it started to work so well.. and then when we were recording it, there was so much energy in the room. Everyone was dancing while the music’s blasting in your ears. It had the energy of a live situation, and it feels like that was captured in the recording. The recording process of these eyes was full of moments like that.. a very special thing to be in on. 


Q: How do you know a song has legs ?

A: ah who could know haha maybe when you keep coming back to it… or when it doesn’t leave you alone.




Paul Jackson - Profile


Paul is British. 

If you know anything about the Brits… they love drinking tea and Paul is no exception.

He loves tea so much that he will recreate your level of expertise around what it means to drink tea and make it look more desirable than it seems to taste. (Which isn’t hard / sums tea up to a tea….. )

It seems as if Paul is always prepared in every situation and has a snap-lock bag full of Yorkshire tea in the back pocket of his jeans.

Paul is the genius behind the 7th chords, the knowledge behind the history of most instruments and basically our very own Encarta 95. He seems to be able to find a great Malaysian restaurant in every city we find ourselves in. 

We can’t wait for you to meet him!

Meet Paul 


What is your role in Curate Music ? 

I play keys / drink tea / find the best restaurants to eat in / bring some pommie flavour


What was your favourite moment in the album? Favourite song & Why?

The final track, Your grace to get me through. After a full on week recording awesome tracks this was the wild card song to record at the end and being able to pull out something magic, write parts together in the studio and produce something really unique in the last 2 hours in the studio like that was pretty special. I also got to play cymbals on that track which was fun!  Hmmm.. my favourite song is probably the final track just purely for the memories it evokes.


What did you eat for breakfast? Do you eat that everyday? 

Today was crepes. If I ate crepes every day though I would look like I did 10 years ago in my student days (a little chunkier and rounder). 


How long have you been playing music for? and what do you play? 

I started piano by accident when I was 10. I had an amazing Jazz piano teacher who inspired me heaps early on and I never really learnt how to read music but learnt Jazz and improv stuff. Then as a teenager I got into drums and guitar heaps and only really went back into playing piano in my twenties. 


Who are you listening to at the moment? 

Well I had been playing Mariah Carey / Michael Buble and Relient K on rotation over Christmas. But generally I am enjoying listening to the latest Killers album still and also summer is a great time to listen Kings of Leon so enjoying some of that too. 


Why do you think the music that Curate is writing resonates so deeply with the people who come into contact with our music ?

We are quite an eclectic bunch of people with varied tastes and we are certainly not stuck in a bubble of producing something predictable. I think all of us have varied music tastes but also we all have very different stories of faith and that comes across in our music. I think the idea of writing a 'good christian song' has never been the overall goal but we want to translate a little bit of our stories and the story of Curate Church, the love of God and explain who he is through music. I think / hope that's what comes across in our music. I know when we come to the next album we would hate to do something like this album as there is always a new song to be written that can resonate with society at the time and I think thats the thing that Curate Music wants to achieve.




Linden Cunninghame - Profile


Meet Linden! The most dedicated and loyal human being, the most wonderful storyteller, brilliant dad and dinosaur enthusiast! 

He is constantly referred to as a Johnny Depp look alike and inspires us to chase after our dreams and passions every time we hear him speak. He lives his life in movie quotes and every great idea seems to become a new tattoo. 

We love everything about Linden and we can’t wait for you to meet him! 


Why do you write music?

I write because I have an itch to always be creating something new and somehow I never write or play the same thing twice. The music that I write is an extension of that process.  It’s the sound of my past, my present and where I see my life going in the future.  A life of musical colour. 


What is your creative process? How do you create ideas which then form into songs?

I listen to a lot of movies in my headphones, and when I write I often grab my inspiration from that. What I’ve noticed is every movie has a certain motif that continues throughout the film regardless of how the film progresses. So  I wanted to create that same feeling within every song on the record, so I used the same structure for almost every track within my bass lines and acoustic guitar parts. I wanted the music to tell us a story and have its own ebbs and flows, but to be constantly reminding the listener regardless of song that there still on the same road.


What is your favourite song on the album?

My favourite song at the moment is "Carry Me Along”. 


What instruments do you play? and what did you play on the album?

On the album I played bass guitar and acoustic, I used to play banjo for a laugh and I have played drums… BUT Josh has forbidden me out of fear I will surpass him.


What was your favourite moment in the recording process or funniest moment ?

Funniest was when we were out for dinner and I ripped my pants from one cheek to the other.


If you could be any animal who would you be and why

Animal : a bat or a bear, bats because I’m batman

Bears because they have a great survival instinct, but I couldn't pick just one because I love all animals… I have a kinship with them….I understand them 

Also i’m a dinosaur guy anyway!  


What inspires you?

I get inspired by so many things. I try to position myself in places that inspire me. It really is a wonderful thing to intentionally position ourselves in places that challenge and inspire our creativity.



Kelly Hayward – Profile


Kelly Hayward is our very own Wonder Woman.  

She makes being a wife, a mum, songwriter, musician and worship pastor look easy. It’s no small feat what Kelly is constantly juggling, but the ease and grace that she walks with inspires everyone she meets! 

We love our wonder woman and we cant wait for you to meet her! 


What role do you play in Curate Music?

I have been part of Curate Music since the beginning, songwriting and playing keys.  


How do you juggle being a mum, a wife, pastoring our worship community & writing an album?

It has it's challenges for sure - It really is a juggle, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love every part of what I do and get to be a part of - I just have to make sure I'm organised and I write lots of lists! The focus does change depending on what season I'm in. 

Si broke his leg a week before we went into the studio to record 'These Eyes', and this meant I had to put more energy into my family over this time to keep everything ticking. But I realise that life, particularly the stage I'm in at the moment with young children, is very seasonal, so I try to focus and be present in the season I'm in as much as possible, and realise that the other things will fall back into place in their right time.


What is the why behind why you write music? Why do you do what you do ?

I've always been passionate about writing something that means something to our community - I tire very quickly of Church music that all sounds the same and uses the same lyrics that I've heard a million times before - sometimes I find I can be singing something and then realise that I either don't know what it means, or it doesn't represent how I would want to say something to God, so that has been a big reason for why I write.  


One of the many things Curate Church is known for is its Creative and Worship Community. How has this happened and how have you and Si fostered this?

We have been incredibly privileged to have a really creative, talented and passionate group of musicians right from the get go - we have often pinched ourselves, wondering how so many amazing people have all come together and stayed together for such a long period of time.  We do feel like God has had his hand on this from the beginning - we couldn't have pulled all these people together on our own - we definitely have felt his hand shaping it all the way along.  We really value freedom and diversity, and so have worked hard to ensure that people are able to bring their creativity and giftings to the table, without trying to put them into a box of what Worship Music should sound like.  


What is your favourite food?

Mushrooms cooked in garlic and butter.  Amazing. 


When someone listens to your music, what is your hope for them? What would you like them to feel, hear, understand or experience?

I would hope that they experience something that feels real to them - that they would feel God's presence as they listen and that he would somehow speak to them through it. If that happened, that would make it all worth it.



We are Curate Music


If we haven’t met you before, it’s lovely to finally meet you! It’s taken us a while, but we thought it’s time to introduce ourselves. 

We are Curate Music. 

Over the next wee while we thought we’d share more about who we are, why we do what we do, the meanings behind the songs and pieces of our heart that we think are worth sharing with you all! 


Much Love,