Our Leaders

Joel and Katie Milgate are the Lead Pastors of Curate Church. They have four children; Alessandro, Micah, Charlie and Violet.

They have been in ministry for over 12 years and since re-launching Curate under their leadership in 2011, Curate has grown from 60 people to a multi-location church with over 3000 people who call it home.

They are passionate about seeing people’s potential released in Jesus and building a church that makes a difference throughout the world. Through their unique leadership and communication gifts they’re challenging the status quo of the church and are building an authentic movement that reaches far beyond the Bay of Plenty in impact.

Curate Milgates-2408.jpg

As a family they love the outdoors, swimming, surfing, boating and having fun together and they feel called and graced as a family to do this journey together.

Alessandro is all about music, surfing, skating and friends. He serves at Curate almost every week on worship at both Youth and on Sundays.

Micah loves Jesus and is cheeky and independant. He loves football, surfing and hanging out with his friends.

Charlie is kind and softly spoken. He loves football, surfing, playing with his friends and a good cuddle.

Violet is a positive little go-getter. She is animal mad and loves a good chat with whoever is willing!