Prayer and Fasting

15th August

A big hello to our amazing Curate Community! 

We want to share with you some vision we have received from God and had confirmed through messages and prophetic words. This is a vision we are united around as a movement and we want to make sure you are in the loop as you have a part to play too. 

We believe that God is about to move more powerfully and widely than he has ever moved before in Curate. We believe that the remaining five months of 2018 of Curate will be our most exciting yet. We believe that God wants to add over 500 people to our Sunday attendance and we believing that we will begin to see twenty people make decisions for Jesus every Sunday across our gatherings and locations. On the 15th August we are coming together across all locations to fast and pray for what we believe is going to be an Only God movement through Curate. 

Together we will unite around this vision through prayer and fasting.  Where there is unity there is blessing and a flow of God. 

So we would love to have you join us at our 7am and 7pm prayer meetings in every location as well as a 24 hour fast.

Below are some fun fasting tips and some great links to more thoughts around fasting.


Joel & Katie


Prayer meetings

Prayer meeting at every Curate location

15th August

7am & 7pm


Some handy fasting tips:

1. Drink LOTS of water.

2. Brush your teeth during the day - it helps keep cravings at bay & feels so much better!

3. Get up from your desk every half hour or so for a quick walk to the toilet, water filter, courtyard, etc.

4. Smile - you'll feel better!

5. Go to bed early.

6. Most importantly turn your food cravings/hunger pangs into hunger for more of God


Other helpful resources: