Vision Offering 2018

















Vision Offering 2018
















Curate exists to be a global movement & voice, releasing people’s potential in Jesus, by creating communities where people can
belong, believe, become & build.



is what it’s all about - everything we give to,
whether it be facilities, community projects or new locations, is all about the
one; reaching the one, helping the one, serving the one and seeing the one
released. Jesus showed us that God is always moving towards the one
farthest away and this is our commitment as a church.

When we come together and give together we are releasing new
possibilities in the kingdom of God. Our regular tithes and offerings help
the church take steps forward, but Vision Offering is about taking leaps
forward. Every single one of us who call Curate home has a part to play.
It’s not the size of the offering that matters, but the heart it is given with.
Our hope is that everyone plays a part in this offering. Curate is home to
all of us and we can all play our part.

We declared that the vision for 2018 was an Only God year. We have seen
this fulfilled already and are still seeing it fulfilled as the year is progressing.
We have launched a new location which is flourishing in Tauranga, we
have renovated a building in Mount Maunganui. We are seeing growth in
every gathering and seeing more people reached and discipled than ever.
This is a move of God, Only God can do it, Only God gets the glory.


Last year’s Vision Offering:

In 2017 our goal was to raise $800,000 to see the following happen:
-Launch Curate Tauranga
-Renovate the Mount facility
-Invest in Beyond Us
-Invest in broadcast technology
-Set up Curate Central
-A place for our staff and team to work.
Together we gave $930,000 - which means we smashed it out of the park!


This offering, combined with savings from previous offerings meant we have been able to accomplish every one of those projects. Your generosity made it possible! Thank you! Our God is a God of more than enough. His plan is abundance in every way. He is an ‘exceedingly above and beyond’ God. He wants there to be more than enough in His church so that she is resourced to fulfil the vision given to her - reaching a lost and broken world with the good news of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. The Bible says that God will expand the generous; let’s live in a way that invites God’s expansion of our lives in every way. What we want to achieve going forward is large and faith filled and we believe it will be possible across Vision Offering 2018 and 2019. This year and next, our goal is to give $4 million together. Kingdom Builders have already committed $805,000 to this year’s offering.  Vision Offering 2018 and 2019 will help us fulfil our vision by resourcing the following:

Curate College: $400,000
a world class training environment within Curate for the raising up of pastors and leaders and the equipping of believers.

Owning The Mount Facility Debt Free: $2.4m
It's not about buildings - it's about people. Buildings facilitate community; they are a great tool for gathering people, providing experiences, creating memories, moments and encounters. It benefits a family to have a home. We have felt God speak to us and stretch our faith to believe we could own this facility debt-free.

Beyond Us: $200,000
This is the area of church life that reaches beyond Curate. Locally, it is feeding the hungry, clothing the cold and supporting community initiatives.  Globally, it is mission trips, partnerships, church planting and supporting missionaries and ministers.

Opening Location Number Four: $500,000
Church planting is one of the best ways to reach people far from Jesus. Our country needs more life-giving churches. We plan to fill our country with Curate communities and we are excited to announce our next city soon.

Strengthening Church Life: $500,000
A growing church always has growth pains and needs future focused investment to strengthen it. Many of our core ministry areas such as Kids, Youth, Pastoral care, Beyond Us and Small Groups need continued and significant investment to allow us to continue to reach people. Many of the background and support areas, such as health and safety, technology and finance, continue to grow in their complexity and also require our constant investment. We want to be an excellent church in every way, where no one stands alone, everyone is cared for, the next generation is reached, and we are operating with best practices.

You can find more information about these projects or how you can give by picking up an information flyer at
any of our gatherings. We look forward to Vision Offering 2018, happening on the 16th and 23rd
September across all gatherings and in all locations.
Let’s all be praying and preparing to unite together around the vision of
Curate through our steps of generosity!

Lots of Love
Joel and Katie


Kingdom Builders








Kingdom Builders








Kingdom Builders


Kingdom Builders is a community of people within Curate Church who are committed to being generous beyond their tithes and offerings for the purpose of resourcing Curate's vision. 

As a Kingdom Builder, you make an annual commitment towards our annual Vision offering using the Kingdom Builder commitment form.

We believe there is something special about Curate and its ability to create communities and conversations that lead people towards life in Jesus. We want to see five Curate locations, reaching 5000 people by 2022. We want to take our message and music global using media platforms, and we want to see 10% of our budgets given away to areas of need both locally and globally.

You can play a significant part in seeing countless lives transformed and needs met. It’s not about the amount we give but about the heart we give it with. We believe being a part of Kingdom Builders will not only help build the Kingdom of God, but will also help build your life.

To find out more about upcoming events or to be sent information about becoming a Kingdom Builder email


Dates you need to know:

May 1st - Commitment forms due

September 30th - Vision offering - Due date for the fulfilment of your commitment  


Kingdom Builders 2018 Commitment Form >>


If you missed the 2018 open night, you can catch up by watching it here and learn more about what its all about.