Nehemiah 13:1–30 - What got you here will keep you here – Leaving a legacy

In life, there are principles that elevate us to the next stage. Principles like a faith in and a love for God above all else. Faithfulness in the small things, integrity when no–ones watching, purity, just to name a few. These habits open doors and bring with them promotion. But it’s keeping to these principles that allow us to go on strong. 

Nehemiah directs the people to stay the course because he knows the human temptation is to slip back. He knows that if they can centre their lives on the right thing, their future will be bright. As we finish this devotion series, let this habit of reading Gods Word, reflecting, praying and writing, continue on in our lives, as it will leave a legacy. 

Our giving is also an opportunity to leave a legacy. Let’s leave a legacy of generosity that opens doors for Mosaic to be everything it could be. 

What legacy will you leave?