Nehemiah 2:1–10 - Leap of faith - The big ask

Knees knocking, butterflies in the stomach, quivering voice – all signs of nerves. Nehemiah, though he had prayed and fasted was still nervous when it came time to step out and ask the king. Courage is always required if we are to do anything great in this world for the kingdom of God. 

Dreams are free but courage is required if we are to turn dreams into reality. Sometimes doors open as we approach them, sometimes we need to knock and sometimes we need to kick them down. Whatever it is, doors in the kingdom are motion–sensitive. 

As we move forward God makes a way. As a church we are about to take a leap of faith, but I wonder what leaps of faith God is calling you to make? What doors are waiting on your action before they open?

As you pray today, write down where you think God is calling you to take a leap.