Nehemiah 1:4–11 - Who are your prayers helping?

If all of your prayers got answered today whose life would be better? Nehemiah lived for more than himself, prayed for more than himself and risked for more than himself. 

God wants us to have a perspective bigger than our own situation. He calls us out of self–focus and on to others–focus. 

The church is a group of people who exist for the people who are not yet a part of it. We are God’s plan for reaching a lost and broken humanity. 

Mosaic exists to see people’s potential released in Jesus, to see thousands of people in Tauranga come to know him through our work. Imagine 10% of our city turning up to a Mosaic Gathering every weekend – it’s possible. 

The world needs us to pray bigger prayers. 

As you read and reflect today, how is God calling you to live in a bigger way? What bigger prayers is he daring you to pray?