Nehemiah 1 - What do you see?

Do you want the good news or the bad news? On this day in 446 BC Nehemiah received the bad news. The people he loved, in the city he loved, in the country he loved were not doing well. It broke his heart, it moved him. Tears flowed, but in the midst of the heartbreak something more powerful stirred in his soul, it was Faith. 

That’s the good news, how things are, are not how they need to remain. Courage began to surge in his veins, faith stirred in his heart and Nehemiah realised with God’s help he could do something about the situation. 

When we truly love, it will always move us to action. Where others only see bad news, the people of God see an opportunity for a miracle. Nehemiah’s actions began with prayer and fasting. As we begin these ten devotions, I wonder if you would commit the next ten days to prayer and fasting. 

There is a vision before us and a project ahead of us which we cannot achieve on our own. Pray God will move powerfully in our church and in our city. Pray for a spirit of faith, pray for a spirit of generosity and pray for abundant provision. 

What is God stirring in you as you pray?

For more info on the Beyond Us Offering head here.

For more info on the Beyond Us Offering head here.