You see I thought that a conversation was the only way of communication. I didn't realise that silence doesn't mean that nothing is happening. The absence of sound is not the absence of everything.

Just because I haven't heard him doesn't mean he's not speaking. Just because he hasn't broken through the clouds with a symphony of decibels - doesn't label him silent.

See the Israelite's waited 400 years, filled with generation upon generation who were practicing patience. After 400 years they still believed. 400 years and they were on their knees - living through the promises given to their ancestors, and dreaming of victories of long ago. They hadn't experienced for them self - and yet believed in the wealth of a relationship with God. These people lived with a colossal wall between themselves and their creator, their songs of praise and scent of sacrifice drifting further than what they could physically see, to a place where their hearts believed.

Silence doesn't mean that nothing is happening. A baby growing in the womb doesn't yet cry and shout. It doesn't use strong words to bring attention to itself. A baby in the process of being intricately woven. He didn't need to speak, for God had already spoken.

In the same way, God has already spoken to us. Waiting on the edge, to just get fed the next experience is living on a roller coaster of feeling valued one second, and rejected the next. What keeps us not only surviving but living between each encounter is solid interaction with the word of God. We're waiting for the next hit of love and encouragement and all the while it's sitting in front of us.

In seeming contrast to those who have gone before, we aren't confined to a life of silence anymore. The wall has crumbled and we're gifted the presence of the author and translator, who conducts the happenings of the world to work in a way that intertwines with what his word says.

Our present circumstances can feel very still, but upon a lift of the cover the clockwork below proves that things are in motion and God has spoken.

There is silence no more.

- Emily Woolerton

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