The river’s laughter breaks the silence from the hibernating sun

As my soul thirsts for one drink to still the breaking from my undone

I bow myself in a position of honest belief

And hear the Spirit whisper, “Come and receive.”


Feeling the breeze soaking the trees

I bend my head closer, almost touching the river.

Before I reach down, I catch a reflection of His face

My heart swells with emotion, closing my eyes, I sing:


“Laden with jewels, your holiness comes

Resting on clouds of perfect love

You offer your hand and patiently wait

With lips that speak mercy and grace


In all of your love you say,

‘I have been waiting for you’

In all of your glory you say

‘Come, child, come’


Your voice is over the water

Your voice is the sound of thunder

Your voice shakes the wilderness

And in your temple, I cry ‘Glory’”


As my song comes to a close, the air echoes my melody

Reaching down, I partake in sweet communion with my King

As I drink, I hear the Spirit gently speak, 

“Open up the gates, come all and receive.”

- Bethany Evans-Brown

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