Whether Man or Beast, Spring is the season for singing and dancing. 

Awkward newborns stumble around the fields 

Entertaining those driving across the land.

Young woman tan their legs on the deck,

Hopeful that this summer will be filled with love.


Flowers bloom and birds are born, 

Chirping for food, looking disgusting, without any feathers.

The kaleidoscope of colours calls forth a gratefulness in all of us.

To whom can we direct this praise?

Why to the creator, of course! 


His love for us extends so far that he paints a canvas for us to dwell in.

That changes through time, to give us seasons for reflection and for fun.

One season to plan playful things in the sun and another to fulfil those dreams.

Spring is the expecting season. On a pregnant precipice we all stand ready to launch into what is to come. 


So Man, Beast, Manbeast or beastly man.

Shed your winter coat for nigh is the time to run!

- Dan Boswell