Today marks four years of being the senior Pastors of Mosaic. 

What a privilege it has been to lead and love this church.

At the beginning it was nothing but tears, hard work and survival, a baptism of fire so to speak. People hurting, people leaving and hope waining.

The last three years however have been the exact opposite. People Healing, people coming and hope building. It is amazing to be a part of a move of God, to have seen hundreds begin relationships with Jesus. To see people’s dreams come true, to see a community form and build and begin to discover its God given potential.

Thank you so much to everyone who is, who has been and who will be a part of the Mosaic journey.

Those who have prayed.

Those that take the time to make new friends.

Those that have served week in and week out.

Those who have moved city to be here.  

Those that give sacrificially and extravagantly. 

Those that have come and those that have left. 

Those that have been healed and those waiting to be.

Those who have encouraged. 

Those that have stood by us through thick and thin. 

Those who clean the toilets, serve the kids and help people in ways we will never know. 

Those who love Jesus and just want to see others meet Him. 

We cross over our four year mark with greater vision and excitement for the future than ever before. We cannot begin to express how pumped we are for what God has for all. Bring on the next forty years. 

We have grown from a community of one hundred to a community of over seventeen hundred and counting, but the best is still yet to come!  

We believe the most loving, real, innovative and effective way of being Gods church is yet to be created.  

Let's go and create it together.

Happy four years everyone!

- Joel Milgate