Beyond Us

Curate exists to help release people’s potential in Jesus, and one way we can do that is
through acts of kindness which show people we believe in them. Beyond Us is our
community ministry which seeks to do just that – going beyond our walls to help release
people’s potential in Jesus.

There are loads of great projects and initiatives you can get involved with – whether you are
keen to volunteer for one hour every now and then, or for several hours every week, we
have something for you! You can even promote your own community project idea, or shout
special treats for local kids in foster care!



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Good Neighbour
This local organisation is doing amazingly good work in our neighbourhoods, through food rescue, community gardens, and practical help.

Open Home Foundation
OHF is a Christian foster care organisation which places children from all backgrounds into the homes of loving Christian families, as well as providing respite care for children with intellectual disabilities.

Volunteer Build
Offers volunteer opportunities for people to build homes and classrooms for the poor in Mexico, Peru, Cambodia, Vietnam, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Nepal, as well as feeding the homeless, delivering aid to orphanages, and visiting prisoners. No prior building experience is required.

Kiwis for South Sudan
Originally from Tauranga, Jono & Destinee Macleod are doctors who followed God’s call to South Sudan where they are part of In Deed And Truth Ministries (IDAT). IDAT provides medical care for children, orphans, widows, expectant mothers, the elderly and disabled, as well as pastoral training to native pastors empowering community owned transformation.

Ruel Foundation
This wonderful organisation ministers to some of the world’s most impoverished children living with treatable medical conditions and physical deformities, by providing them and their families with surgeries, medical care, education and the message of Christ.

Cambodia Charitable Trust
Founded by Tauranga lawyer Denise Arnold, Cambodia Charitable Trust provides free, quality education to vulnerable Cambodian children, especially girls. Education is the largest lever for social change in Cambodia, because it breaks the poverty cycle and opens the door to a bright and purposeful future for each child.